Wellness Program

View our Equine Wellness and Emergency Assurance Program below.

Equine Wellness and Emergency Assurance Program

We continue to offer our Wellness Program to our established clients.
This program has been developed to provide a discounted-cost, comprehensive healthcare plan for your horse.

This program includes a preventative care package and emergency fee discounts. Save over $200 yearly providing the best care for your horse.

Program Value is $695.00
Total Cost Per Horse is $575.00
That is Over 21% Savings ($120)

Spring Visit:
Call Charge
Wellness Exam
6-way vaccine (EWT, Flu/Rhino,WNV)
PHF Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine*

Fall Visit:
Call Charge
Wellness Exam
Flu/Rhino Vaccines
Dental Power Float *
Including Sedation
Fecal Egg Count for Parasites*

*Rabies Vaccine, Dental Float, and Fecal are performed once yearly-can be Spring or Fall.

Each horse enrolled in the program is eligible for 50% discount off their after-hours in-area emergency fee ($74.00 off per after-hours emergency) at any time during the year, and no daytime emergency fees. There is no limit to the number of eligible emergency calls.

Also, receive 10% off yearly Coggins, Sheath Hygiene, and any additional vaccines