Veterinary Services

Blue Water Equine Hospital offers in-clinic appointments, a surgical suite for elective procedures, an in-house laboratory, and an indoor arena.

Veterinary Services in Emmett, MI

In the fields of sports medicine, internal medicine, reproductive, dentistry, emergency medicine, and preventative care, our team of equine veterinarians offers specialized care with an emphasis on upholding the highest standards and offering the most recent knowledge.
horse standing

Routine Healthcare / Preventative Medicine

Lameness Diagnostics

Lameness Diagnostics and Treatment

a brown horse with a white stripe on its head

Diagnostic Imaging

Horse Prepurchase Evaluation

Prepurchase Evaluation

a vet's hand touching a horse's teeth


 Veterinarian doing Acupuncture


 Veterinarian doing chiropractic therapy


Reproduction ultrasound


a horse with a bridle


Horse Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

veterinarian checking horse health

Internal Medicine & Critical Care

Elective Surgery-compress

Elective Surgery

Horse standing in field