Diagnostic Imaging

At Blue Water Equine Hospital, we prioritize state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of care for your horse.

Diagnostic Imaging in Emmett, MI

Our clinic offers digital ultrasonography and digital radiography services, both available on-site or at your barn for your convenience.
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Diagnostic Imaging

Digital ultrasonography and digital radiography are available to be performed at our clinic or at your barn. These state-of-the-art imaging techniques offer high-quality digital images that can be key to early diagnosis of an injury. Digital images are also utilized during prepurchase exams to detect any potential problems. Additionally, these images are stored digitally for future reference.

Digital Ultrasonography:

High-Quality Imaging: Our advanced digital ultrasonography produces clear and detailed images, allowing for precise examination of soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs.

Early Injury Detection: These imaging techniques play a crucial role in the early diagnosis of injuries, enabling prompt and targeted intervention.

Prepurchase Exams: Digital ultrasonography is an integral part of prepurchase exams, helping detect any potential issues that may affect the horse’s performance or overall health.

Digital Radiography:

  • Clear and Detailed Images Our digital radiography services produce high-quality images of bones and joints, facilitating accurate diagnosis of orthopedic conditions and injuries.
  • Swift Imaging Process: Digital radiography provides rapid results, allowing for timely assessment and treatment planning.
  • Prepurchase Exam Utility: Essential for evaluating the skeletal structure during prepurchase exams, aiding in the identification of potential concerns.
  • Reduced Radiation Exposure: Digital radiography minimizes radiation exposure compared to traditional methods, prioritizing the safety of both horses and handlers.
  • Digital Archives: All radiographic images are stored digitally, creating a comprehensive and easily accessible record for ongoing and future care.

Convenience at Your Barn

  • Our commitment to your horse’s well-being extends to providing imaging services at your barn, minimizing stress, and maximizing convenience.
  • Equipped with portable digital imaging technology, our team can perform diagnostics in familiar surroundings.

Choose Blue Water Equine Hospital for cutting-edge digital ultrasonography and radiography services, ensuring early detection, accurate diagnosis, and comprehensive digital records for the ongoing health and care of your horse.